Find out why our customers have brighter smiles.

After so many years of hesitation, I have decided it is time to brighten my smile.My teeth are pretty white naturally but since after I gave birth, my teeth became yellowish. As my teeth are very sensitive, I was very worry about the sensitivity experienced during the dental whitening.  My dentist recommended me the InnoWhite dental whitening system. It was a 1 hour treatment and my teeth did feel bit sensitive towards the end of the process but overall it was very bearable.The desensitizer applied on the teeth after the process really works. I was extremely impressed with the result and would strongly recommend this whitening procedure to anyone especially if u have sensitive teeth like me.

Lilian Choo,
Financial Consultant, 33 years old


“I have yellowish teeth for many years due to coffee drinking. In addition, my teeth have obvious patchy effects due to fluorosis. After 1 hour of Innowhite professional teeth whitening treatment, my teeth has whitened and brightened significantly. Due to the amazing whitening results, the patchy effects on my teeth has also been greatly removed and now my teeth colour are more uniform. The treatment includes the use of light equipment and hydrogen peroxide gels to penetrate into the inner tooth structure to remove the intrinsic stains inside the teeth. It is certainly a treatment that everyone should try to achieve nicer and more confident smile.”

Wendy Lim,
Teacher, 37 years old

“My teeth was naturally yellowish since young and because of that, I didn’t like to smile showing my teeth. I always wanted to whiten my teeth someday and I am glad to have tried InnoWhite’s professional teeth whitening system! I went for the in-office whitening and my teeth has turned so much whiter now after 2 treatments. Each treatment took about an hour and the procedure was very comfortable. I have definitely became much more confident with whiter teeth to show to the world!”

Adeline Chua,
Student, 19 years old

“I was greatly impressed by the results of InnoWhite dental whitening system. My teeth turned sparkling white after the one hour treatment! I have tried home whitening before, however it was not effective and the end results were not noticeable. Now, I feel much more confident especially when I talk to my customers. It really helps in my sales profession. I would strongly recommend InnoWhite to all my friends and anyone who wishes to do teeth whitening for improving image and self-confidence!”

Cecilia Ng,
Sales Manager, 33 years old

“I have done quite a number of dental whitening for the past many years in my line of profession, but I was most impressed by the result this time using the InnoWhite system. During the treatment, I also experienced less sensitivity as compared to other whitening procedure which I did previously. I love my dentist, she is very gentle and explain the whitening process to me in great details. Now, I am much more confident with my smile in front of the camera!”

- Emily Chan, Full-time Model, 28 years old

“I do not have a good set of teeth and was born with very yellowish teeth. I always feel embarrassed when I smile and tend to use my hand to cover the mouth all the time. Thanks to this wonderful whitening product which make me feel good and much confident now ^^. When compared to last time, now I love to show my teeth when I smile and many of my friends notice the great difference. Thumb up to this new product and you really help to change my impression :)

- Sophia Lee, University Student, 23 years old

“My teeth are yellow and stained. I think this is due to my high coffee intake as I normally drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day. My dentist recommended me the new InnoWhite dental whitening system. I decided to give it a try. It takes approximately 50 minutes for the whole treatment and it is very comfortable overall. After the treatment in the clinic, my dentist makes a customized mouth tray for me and ask me to continue with the home whitening system. Just after 7 days, I can see great improvement on my teeth and it is very white. I am very happy with the result!”

- Wipoochanan Em, Business Owner, 29 years old

“I have tried many whitening products but the results have not been satisfactory. Many of my friends said that my expectation was too high while good whitening products also has their limitations and side effects. But all these thoughts were changed after seeing the results on my friend’s teeth and she introduced me to InnoWhite. Though the whole process was the same as any whitening procedures and there were some forms of discomfort caused by the cheek retractor, but the thought of seeing my pearly white teeth is more than enough to last me through the whole process. With my new set of white teeth now, I have regained the confidence and my friends noticed I smiled more now.”

- Mabel Tan, Financial Planner, 39 years old