In-Office Kit

Brilliant and stunning smile in 1 hour!

Professional in-office system that offer brilliant results in less than an hour

The key to its efficacy is that the bleaching gel comes in a 2-part mixing system.

2-Part Mixing System

One syringe contains a very highly concentrated and stable Hydrogen Peroxide gel, which becomes highly reactive when mixed with the Activator in the other syringe prior to applying it onto the teeth.

The activator changes the pH level of the hydrogen peroxide to bring it into optimum level in which it can whiten the teeth effectively without causing any harm to the enamel.

With separating the hydrogen peroxide gel and activator, it maintains the product stability over its entire shelf-life.

The mixing system is formulated with Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Fluoride as desensitizer to alleviate any sensitivity or discomfort experineced during the oxidation of the peroxide-based whitening gels.


Single Patient kit

For hygiene purpose and cross-infection control, the in-office whitening system is packed as single-patient kit and to be disposed after use.

The HP35 in-offcei kit is researched and developed by InnoWhite in Singapore, and is made in the USA.

  • Content

    • 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel
    • Activator
    • Gingival Barrier
    • Desensitizer
    • Application Tips
    • Instruction Manual
  • Instruction Diagram